Monday, May 30, 2011

March 11-13, 1954: Three again, again

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Some more glued-together strips. I'm going to have to go in and fix these when/if they correct these images.

March 11, 1954:
More head-patting from Snoopy, with another word-bubble depiction of his thoughts. The big punchline in A Charlie Brown Christmas when the kid puts his ornament on the Christmas Shrub, is kind of a callback to this.

March 12, 1954:
Taken with the last three strips, Schulz has alternated between Linus block strips and Snoopy head-pat strips this whole week. When he on a whim (it seems to me) made Schroeder into a musical prodigy it became a permanent part of his character, but Linus' block-building skills don't seem to have survived into the later years of the strip.

March 13, 1954:
Snoopy's versatile ears come to the rescue of his sensitive head.


  1. "Schroeder & Son" is a maker of pianos, which is probably why Schultz made piano-playing a key part of Schroeder's character.

  2. Linus' blocks are yet another example of the toys that gradually disappear from the strip, save for sports paraphernalia and kites.