Sunday, August 21, 2011

September 25-26, 1954: That other round-headed kid

Sorry this one's been a few days in coming, I've been trying to get some extra work done on the game project this past week, and yet it's still not coming along real well. Updates will probably be sporadic until after Labor Day weekend -- I'll be at DragonCon again this year, if any of you happen to be there and want to say hello.

gocomics' archive has another hole in it at this point. September 20-24 are all missing. Does anyone know what the missing strips here, or from last week, are?

September 25

This one is odd if you think about it. The only real reason Linus would have to move forward, assuming those being him don't have vision problems, would be so everyone watching TV could fit in the panel at once.

Sunday, September 26

Violet, holding out the chance for affection isn't nearly as useful for behavior modification as a guarantee. We have some more drawings of a clean Pig-Pen here. Other than the hair and clothes, he's actually fairly similar to Charlie Brown in design; he has a similar head shape.


  1. Actually, holding out the chance for a reward is MUCH more effective than a guarantee:

  2. Sept. 13: Lucy looks at bugs and tells CB that they "don't even know I'm watching them" because "they don't look up!"

    Sept. 14: Violet drives CB away screaming by describing her coconut-themed party. (coconut is spelled "coconut" here -- doesn't Schulz usually spell it "cocoanut"?)

    Sept. 15: Lucy is holding a tennis racket and tells CB "My Daddy said he grew up on the tennis courts...I've been standing here all morning, and I haven't grown an inch!"

    Sept. 16: CB is hitting fly balls but Lucy refused to move further away than a couple of feet. Of course, that turns out to be as far away as CB is capable of hitting the ball.

    Sept. 17: Violet is bragging about her dad's new car; CB says his dad's not bothered by not having a new car because "he's got ME!"

    Sept. 18: CB gives Schroeder batting tips: "When the other team doesn't have enough kids on their side, hit 'em where they ain't!"

    Sept. 20: Violet and Patty tell CB he can't play with them because his dad's not rich enough. CB informs them that his dad makes more money than their dads put together (this doesn't seem to be borne out by any other strips, though, does it?) V&P decide thathe can't play with them because his "house isn't painted green!"

    Spet. 21: Lucy decides to draw a line on the ground all the way around the world. CB: With that ONE little crayon?" "Of course not! I've got an extra one right here!"

    Sept. 22: Lucy continues drawing her line. CB wonders what she'll do when she reaches the ocean. "Oh, good grief, Charlie Brown...they've got BRIDGES, haven't they?!"

    Sept 23: CB asks why she's drawing a line around the world. "Well, you know the old saying, Charlie have to draw the line someplace!"

    Sept 24: Patty and CB are mocking the absent Lucy, who then arrives from the other side of the panel, completes her line, and strolls away, casually tossing the crayon over her shoulder.