Friday, August 26, 2011

Four Years

I overshot it by a few days, but it's true: we've now reviewed four years of Peanuts. Only 45 to go!

In the upcoming year, 1954-55:

  • We meet the second minor character, and the first really temporary character. You can tell just from the name that Charlotte Braun isn't going to stick around for long.
  • Lucy grows into her role as cast bully, gaining useful practice by terrorizing her brother Linus.
  • We catch a fleeting glimpse of an adult's hand! Gasp!
  • The long-running strip template of Lucy pining away after Schroeder the aloof musician really gets established.
  • Snoopy begins imagining things, which marks the real beginning of the character we're familiar with today.
  • We get the first letter that a character writes that's depicted as words hanging in the air.
  • Lucy doesn't believe what Charlie Brown tells her some more times, and Charlie Brown develops an epic series of stomaches in response.

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