Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week of August 16-21, 1954: Airplanes must fly around clouds or else crash

August 16
It is odd to think of Pig-Pen as going to kids and bumming sand off of them. I can understand if he's unnaturally attuned to the stuff, but it can't be that expensive can it?
August 17
Lucy is kinder here than she was back on February 15 16, but it's still a mean trick.
August 18
At this point Pig-Pen is rolling along as if he's going to become a major character. It won't be for too much longer I think.
August 19
One problem with the week-at-a-time format is, often there's just not much to say about a strip. I'll probably start leaving some out before long -- I didn't mean this to become a repost of every strip....
August 20
If Peanuts were still being printed er, I meant written today, Lucy would be denying climate change. Charlie Brown's reaction is priceless. I find this kind of reaction funnier than the headaches and stomaches the poor kid's afflicted with later.
In the last panel, Lucy's laughing expression, with the slanted eyebrows, is atypical for Peanuts.
August 21
Charlie Brown brings his hand to mouth in wonder in the third panel is nice. Peanuts kid arms are usually drawn as simple tubes, so I find the shape of his arm there interesting. Not hugely interesting, but still.


  1. I'd much rather that when you don't have anything to say about a strip, you post the image and just don't leave a comment... I'm loving reading through all the old strips!

  2. I like Pig-Pen's almost oratorical proclamation. "I grasp your thought. ONE pailful! ONE!..."

  3. Pen-Pen's words and actions in the first strip remind me of Archie's pal, Jughead, who is a surreal character in his own right.

    As for his borrowing sand, his body must "attract" it the way it does dirt; of course, he NEEDS to get more! :o)