Sunday, August 7, 2011

Week of August 23-28, 1954: Charlie Brown still has an ego

August 23

Only the second bit of negativity we've heard from Pig-Pen, the first being in his introduction.

August 24

That's not Snoopy, someone switched his bust of Beethoven for a figurine of the RCA dog!

August 25

Is this sarcasm from Schroeder, or condescension?

August 26

Charlie Brown still has some of the old ego in him, I see. I wonder when is the moment when that's finally pounded out of him, and when it happens, if ultimately it's Lucy, or Patty and Violet who are the cause

August 27

Her beleaguered mother has resorted to trying to play her and Linus against each other. Lucy takes the long view here. Lucy is forward-thinking in the next Sunday strip too, although she doesn't look quite so far ahead.

August 28

This is a fairly standard comic inversion. Not really terribly noteworthy, but I've commented on all the other strips this week, so why not?

(If I do leave strips out, I will still link to the gocomics page for the absent strips. I don't think it's proper to present strips I don't have much to say about, since I'm hosting these copies to avoid hot linking gocomics, and not to provide an alternate archive of strips. As I said before, they are presented here for commentary purposes only.)

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  1. The phrase "Five hundred years from now, who will know the difference?" pops up quite a few times in the strips of this era. Is this the first time it appears? I wonder if it was a period catch phrase that Schulz was riffing on.