Sunday, March 29, 2009

November 13, 1950: Snoopy as coat-rack


More Snoopy ultra-cute.  From the first panel with the three-quarters, behind-the-head perspective, to the last panel with Charlie Brown's coat on his snout.  But what's he doing at Patty's place?  Snoopy is often just sort of "there" in those days.
By the way, I've mentioned these characters' names frequently, but Patty's name has only been mentioned once so far, and Shermy and Snoopy have yet to be named.  Charlie Brown, on the other hand, is named frequently.

Note: A friend noted that offers a mechanism for embedding a strip into a page.  This seems as close to an endorsement for putting 'em in the blog as any, and their embed code additionally links to the strip's page.  Two stones, one bird!


  1. Snoopy was named in the strip posted two days previous.

  2. Yeah, embarrassingly, I missed the original use of Snoop's name. (I mention this in a later entry.)

  3. (Er, make that earlier entry. Gah!)

  4. Charlie Brown was rather quiet in those days. He seemed like just this mute kid that emoted while Shermy and Patty talked about him. Maybe that zig-zag on his shirt gave him a bit more zest.