Friday, March 20, 2009

October 21, 1950: Shermy loses his hand

1. In the first panel, look at where Shermy's hand meets Patty's.  It's drawn just cut off where the two should meet, with a gap defining the separation between the two.  In the last panel it's more obviously a case of Patty's hand overlapping Shermy's.  Schulz is still playing around with the format.  It looks like the cut-off hand thing was viewed as a failed experiment because succeeding strips don't do this.
2. Again, what is up with Snoopy and that flower?  Is his head a planter?
3. A romance between Shermy and Patty had been implied in an earlier strip, and here it's developed a little more.


  1. If you look reaaaally closely, it looks like Snoopy's holding the flower with his ear.

  2. I thought the flower was stuck through Snoopy's collar -- you can see it sticking out from the bottom edge. But on further inspection I think Laura may be right -- his ear looks like it's curving in a little more in the last panel.

  3. I think it's both stuck on his ear AND in his collar, upon closer examination.

  4. If you notice his hand wasn't cut off in the fourth panel so maybe Schulz drew that as a sight gag and then developed the rest of the strip.