Tuesday, March 31, 2009

November 17, 1951: Bump! Bump! Klunk! Bump!!


This gag is a prototype of one that would be used later with characters like Linus and Sally.

Someone in the Metafilter thread remarked about Snoopy's warping to the top of the stairs.  Only explanation I can come up with is that Shermy must have fallen past him.


  1. I presumed that Snoopy made his way back towards the top of the stairs during the events in the third panel but that it was either unnecessary to show and/or would clutter the third panel if drawn. Besides, isn't it implied by simply showing him at the top of the stairs again, just as the coat on Snoopy's nose implies Charlie Brown had placed it there?

  2. When Shermy hit his head he lost his personality