Saturday, March 28, 2009

Novmber 11, 1950: Kind of calculated, isn't it?

CB is just so sensitive.


  1. My question is, did Schulz intend Patty and Shermy to be older than Charlie here? It's clear that he's deliberately drawn Charlie a bit smaller.

    I remember being four or five years old and thinking of a girl who lived across the street -- who could only have been a year or two older -- as practically a teenager, even almost a grownup, and being thrilled she was willing for me to be around her equally glamorous friends. I'm clearly projecting here, but I can imagine this strip being that same situation.

  2. In other strips Charlie Brown isn't this much smaller than the other two. (I'm kind of surprised I hadn't noticed the great size differential here before....) But I had the impression that he was meant to be a little younger than the other two from other strips.