Thursday, February 17, 2011

EXTRA: Early Peanuts newspaper ads

Found skimming through Reddit's Comics discussion, Comics Alliance found some early newspaper ads used to popularize Peanuts in the early days.

Some basic character illustrations.  That goofy grin on Shermy's face might be the most personality that character ever displayed.

This one uses the earliest style of character art.  I like how the "PEANUTS" logo is largely the same as it was used even towards the later years of the strip.  Have any of you been captured by their cuteness and amazed by their antics yet?  Remember to WATCH FOR THEM beginning (date)!

There's more at the original page:  I might inline them later, but until them I encourage you to check the out at the original site.

Well, go on!  Encourage, encourage!

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  1. I'm impressed that someone thought to save these...