Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday, November 1, 1953: 7,000 games


1. How cool is it that Schulz has kept increasing the number of games Lucy has won? This is one of the first definite signs of continuity, other than character introductions, in the strip.

2. Nice abstract intro panel. You can tell the smiling faces are Lucy because of the parenthesis around the eyes. You can tell the CHAGRIMACEd face is Charlie Brown because of his twirly hair thingy.

3. To the show the shock of realization in panel 5, why did Schulz decide to show Charlie Brown standing in tall grass?

4. This, I think, is the first solid depiction of Charlie Brown's loser personality. The key revelation here is that Charlie Brown is noticing that he's actually not very good at a number of things, and that he's not happy about this fact.

5. But still, seriously, seven thousand games? He maybe should move on to Bridge.

6. I can't wait for the day the total gets up to 10,000.

P.S. Thanks for the donation, Michael!


  1. Those intro panels will really be a staple of Peanuts Sunday strips, right?

  2. Well, yeah. I think I've mentioned that before, heh. This isn't the first abstract intro panel.

  3. My brother and I used to love quoting panels 4 and 5 when we were much younger, usually when one of us got on a long winning streak over the other at whatever game we were playing.