Monday, February 21, 2011

October 27, 1953: Addressed to Abu Dhabi


The stamp pressed directly upon Lucy's head like that reminds me of the old Garfield strips where he'd attempt to ship someone he didn't like (usually Nermal) to Abu Dhabi.

This is another of the sequence of strips where Lucy demands something of Charlie Brown, but goes too far in her demands resulting in some act of sudden rebellion. Interestingly, the act is never depicted itself; you only ever see its results. I would term these strips turnabout strips; it doesn't necessarily mean a chase is involved.

This kind of understatement is everywhere in Peanuts, once you start looking for it. It's not that Schulz doesn't or can't show the violent act, just that A. as with the chase strips, it's often more effective/less upsetting if the result is left unshown, and B. it makes those moments where the violence is shown (Lucy pulling away the football, Snoopy grabbing the blanket, Lucy slugging someone, Charlie Brown hit by a line drive) more effective.

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  1. The best version of this gag was when Charlie Brown dumped the popcorn over Lucy's head in response to her rising fit about his licking his fingers and putting them back in the bowl.