Friday, October 1, 2010

April 24, 1953: The Tyrant Pose


The third panel here is the first time in the strip I think the "tyrant" pose is used: a character with balled fists, one arm stretched upward at an angle, the other bent, staring into space with mouth wide open, and with angry eyebrows. Whenever this pose is used, it's usually a signal to the reader that the character is being unreasonably bossy. Sometimes it signifies comeuppance is coming. Lucy uses it a fair bit later on though, and she doesn't get comeuppance so much.


  1. What strikes me as odd about this strip is: How long did it actually take CB to bury her? Did she sit there through the whole process?

  2. Happy 60th Anniversary! I hope you have something special planned for Oct. 2nd.