Thursday, October 14, 2010

May 13, 1953: Baseball Blockhead


First use of the word "blockhead." Also, the first strip in which another character comments on Charlie Brown's lack of pitching skill.


  1. by lying to Charlie Brown, Shroeder doesn't help him become a better pitcher, thus making himself a worse blockhead than CB.

  2. It is actually Violet who first calls Charlie Brown a 'blockhead' in the 16th August 1951 strip:

  3. This strip uses, by and large, the same gag structure as the very first Peanuts strip of Oct. 2, 1950 ( -- the theme of being nice to someone's face while grumbling about them while they're out of earshot. Aside from being a small statement about hypocrisy, it's an effective joke... and this won't be the last time Schulz leverages it.