Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sunday, May 24: Lucy the expert


This strip is very much classic Peanuts in style. The first years of the strip usually used Sunday comics to present a bunch of jokes that might as well have been about any little kids. This one speaks to a definite personality. In fact, the joke at the end is kind of weak; the strip is more concerned with illustrating Lucy's authority on the subject of jump ropes than its result.


  1. The dialogue he's written for Lucy is what makes the joke sing -- am I mistaken, or did Schulz crib it from someone discussing golf clubs? Or was it tennis rackets?

  2. I don't know. There's something quite funny about how asking the question ("I wish I knew whether or not I got a bargain") is answered at the cost of the item, and the pronouncement is bad news.

    It's almost a neat Buddhist moral, that inability to be content with what we have leads to suffering.

    But there's a second joke in the end too, beyond "Lucy's authority is funny" -- it's that Lucy tries the jump rope, and then turns herself inside out to destroy it so she can justify the poor evaluation she wants to give it.

  3. I just realized... "Wooden grips are better than the leather ones... especially in the rain... but then, who jumps rope in the rain? Ha, ha.."