Tuesday, October 26, 2010

June 1, 1953: Lucy's infatuation grows


More storm clouds on the horizon for poor Schroeder.

Compare, for a moment, the length of Schroeder's arms (the only straight arms in this strip) with those of the girls. It points out a notable quirk of Peanuts' art style, one that I seem to remember reading somewhere Schulz lamenting. That is, the normal length of the kids' arms only works if they're held straight. If they're bent they're obviously too short, so Schulz has to cheat them longer a bit. If he drew them longer when held straight they'd reach down too far, almost to the knees.

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  1. I remember the animators for the cartoons and movies talking about the length of their arms, especially with Linus and his holding his blanket. their heads are so out of proportion they had trouble animating it and had to figure out their cheat as well.