Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday, May 17, 1953: Dirt, marvellous dirt


I think this is quite a charming strip, despite the return to the theme of mud pie baking. Frames 6-8 contain what I consider to be among the most winning drawings of Patty Schulz ever drew. I think it's the hair; the dirt lends it a shading that makes it seem a bit more real, a bit less stylized.

Patty's willingness to get messy echoes the character of "Peppermint" Patty. Schulz and Peanuts notes that the two are based on the same real-life person, making the flavored version kind of a revision of the original.


  1. Original, and new peppermint flavor?

  2. The idea of girls wearing aprons makes this one of the few Peanuts strips that seems truly dated. Also, any significance to CB's white shorts?

  3. Thanks for sharing the Peanuts cartoons. They were a favorite as a child. And reading them makes me remember of my childhood.

    I'm linking to you on my KC Mud Pie post on