Friday, October 8, 2010

May 4, 1953: Charlie Brown has a big, round head


More turnabout/chase shenanigans with Lucy. It's another version of the beach ball strip. (And in fact, it seems fairly easy to get CB's goat.)

By the way, May 3 is not up at Does anyone know if the strip is in Fantagraphics' compilations?


  1. Yes, May 3, 1953 is in the Fantagraphics collection. It seems lower quality, though, as if they had to get it from a poor quality source.

    It's a Sunday strip featuring Lucy playing golf (!) and CB as her caddy. He tells her about "common golf courtesies and expressions". A couple nice kind of odd shot of Lucy trying to hit her ball out of the rough—off in the distance, with her legs hidden in the grass, it doesn't quite look like her. Then at the end CB says "it's common courtesy to give your faithful caddy two dollars". Lucy: "I knew that sooner or later you'd overdo it!"

  2. The halftoning used on the globe here is unusual for Peanuts, though it pops up in some of these early strips. For a brief time, Schulz used it to great effect.

  3. Good catch on the halftoning. I was waiting to bring it up on the first strip where it's used to represent twilight.

  4. The May 3, 1953 full version can be found in the 1957-1958 collection.