Sunday, October 31, 2010

June 11, 1953: You DOG You


Snoopy in the first panel looks so serious. Snoopy in the second and third panels is a little weird. Snoopy looks a bit different when seen in three-quarters perspective, I think. His face changes shape a little, becomes more rounded and flatter. Peanuts is so stylized that the characters have what amounts to different designs when seen from different angles.


  1. Why would Charlie Brown leave a candy bar on the sidewalk?

  2. I'm getting a bit worried. How many children fed their dogs chocolate because of Schultz?

  3. What punctuates this strip is Snoopy's total lack of reaction to CB's outrage. In fact, in panel 2 he seems to be licking his lips in satisfaction. He just quietly does his thing here: eating a candy bar that's inexplicably left on a sidewalk, oblivious to the health hazard of chocolate to dogs.