Friday, March 25, 2011

December 3, 1953: Some light cast on Violet's disdain for Charlie Brown

I suppose this shows us a reason Violet throws Charlie Brown out of her house sometimes; he won't keep quiet during a show.  Of course, it seems that Violet won't herself either.

I'm sure some form of time compression is at work here, but even so, it is difficult for me to see how she could find enough things to tell Charlie Brown not to do that it'd fill up a whole half-hour.

I think Violet's pigtail-look has pretty much vanished entirely by this point.

EDIT: Corrected typo in title


  1. I used to be confused by jokes relating to TV programs in old Peanuts strips. For a while, I had just assumed that programs were 5-10 minutes long when TV first came out and that half-hour shows didn't become popular until later. But I found out later that that's not the case.

  2. They probably tuned in too late and, being kids, didn't recognize that the favorite program was just about to end until it abruptly did. The joke isn't that she talks for half an hour, it's that she is doing the very thing she warns against.

  3. I remember when some soap opera were 15 minutes