Saturday, March 5, 2011

November 7, 1953: More on the mobile ears

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Snoopy's powers:
1. Human thought.
2. Ability to say "Boo!"
3. Ability to blush through fur.
4. Ability to move his ears around like limbs.
5. Ability to understand English.
6. Bizarre "true form." (Also, ability to say a scribble of ire.)

Well-known powers not yet displayed:
Surreal imagination.
Surreal imagination that sometimes leaks out into reality. (Demonstrated by his ability to get Marcie to play along with him.)
Ability to stand on hind legs.
Ability to operate human machinery like typewriters.
Ability to play sports.
Ability to communicate with birds.
Transcendentally-spacious doghouse.


  1. I believe the transcendentally-spacious doghouse has been seen, in the strip with the satellite dish. Unless he has a very small TV in there.

  2. That was an aerial (no communications satellites back then unless you count Sputnik's beeps), and there could conceivably be enough room in there for Snoopy and a small B&W TV set.

  3. Snoopy must be a dog from Gallifrey. his house has to be a T.A.R.D.I.S.

  4. Ever notice how often characters in Peanuts are portrayed sitting/standing (alone or together) in silence, staring off at nothing in particular until something/someone interrupts them?