Friday, March 4, 2011

November 6, 1953: Two sick kids

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I seem to remember this strip concept before, of someone walking up to Charlie Brown and making some remark about themselves, which causes Charlie Brown to launch into a self-centered examination of his own life, eventually causing the original kid to walk away. I want to say we've seen it with Schroeder before, and I think we've also seen it with Violet. Don't have the time to search through the archives right now though.

Final sigh!


Concerning the images on the site, there remains the problem with the archives, which continue to point to the strips hosted on and will probably go dark any moment now. Uploading all those strips, over 700 to date, using Blogger's interface is not something I relish doing. I might just end up letting those images be broken for a while. Maybe I could figure out a way, similar to the last fix, of hacking a blog archive so at least those pages will point to gocomics' pages for the strips? I will look into it.

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