Thursday, March 31, 2011

META: Blogger Dynamic Views and Three

1.  As found on Metafilter, Tumblr blog 3eanuts presents four-panel Peanuts comic strips without the final panel.  The result is bleak and unrelenting, although I can't help but think what would happen if you did that with some other strips.  I think Dilbert would come out fairly well, since it often supplies subjokes along the way to the main joke, or uses the last panel to punctuate a joke that actually happened in panel 3.

2. Blogger has rolled out a new feature, called Dynamic Views.  Because I love you all, it is enabled on this blog.  (Also, it was on by default.)  Have a look!  The sidebar look is most useful I think, and I think that it could very easily become someone's "default" way of reading this blog.

I notice the add comment and rating features are missing from that view; you'd have to go to the main view pages to see those options.  I notice also that ads are not shown in that view, but that's okay.  I'll manage.  Somehow.... 


  1. Maybe someone could start a blog called 4bert, in which the fourth panels of Dilbert strips are rewritten as endorsements of intelligent design or insults about -- er, forget I said anything! This comment never happened!

  2. @Richard Bensam:

    Haha, obscure blog trivia. I think we may frequent the same places. Though I've heard that Adams somewhat back-pedaled, so I've given him another chance. At least when he posts about topics other than science.

  3. Doonesbury in its classic years often had third-panel punchlines, followed by a more subtle joke in the fourth panel.