Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunday, November 15, 1953: The Great Experiment

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More to add to the list of Snoopy's powers:
8. Super hearing
9. Teleportation (induced by hearing candy wrapper)

For his sake, I hope we can add:
10. Immune to canine chocolate toxicity

This strip actually reads better without the two lead panels.  Try it out!  We don't need to be told twice that they're running an experiment.  All the important facts are presented without the optional panels, and they aren't repeated.

Finally, importantly, the strip is just funny.


  1. Can you imagine the reaction today if two little kids wandered five miles from home, all the way to the city limit????

  2. I'm not sure this counts as a "power," since every cat and dog I've ever owned also had it.