Tuesday, March 22, 2011

November 25, 1953: Wrath of Dog

Read this strip at gocomics.com.

Snoopy only has a limited number of ways of expressing annoyance at this point.  His ears in the last panel are adorable though, in a Mickey Mouse kind of way.

Was it kids' habit back then to eat whole bags of candy at once?  I'm amazed the Peanuts kids didn't all become diabetics.


  1. Well, when there aren't any adults around to tell them they've eaten enough candy, what do you expect kids to do?

  2. It's also a pretty small bag of candy. Even twenty years later than this strip, I'd have polished off a bag that size in one sitting. (And yet, look at my svelte figure!)

  3. And at the time, candy that was sold individually would be put into bags like that to keep it together. So a "whole bag" could well have been only a few small pieces. Not very green, but that's how it was.