Wednesday, March 23, 2011

November 26 & 30, 1953: Two with Violet

 November 30, 1953

Violet was such a sweet little girl at first, wasn't she?  That seems long ago now, but it's been less than three years since then.

In the first strip here we have another case of Charlie Brown being thrown out of Violet's house.  Until now, usually Violet forgets what made her angry before C.B. is evicted or long gone, but not in this case.  In the second strip she takes naked advantage of Charlie Brown's lack of backbone, and doesn't even have the venom to make an evil smile about it.  It's just a business translation for her.  She wants what Charlie Brown has, so it becomes hers.  Wow.

It's difficult to feel sorry for C.B. in that one.  It's not like she threatened him or anything!

Charlie Brown's hat in the first strip is rather stylish. 


  1. Violet's way of putting Charlie Brown down is a bit different than Lucy's. Too bad Schulz didn't continue Violet all the way through the years of the strip. But with all the girls turning vicious, it makes me wonder about Schulz's view of women at that point.

  2. The first one kind of happened before with the my moms gone excuse but that time Violet let him back in

  3. One thing about Violet in the first strip is that her mean expression doesn't look mean and I think thats because of the pigtails are there instead of the ponytail.